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SUBSONICA 11/05/08 12:26


In our places (24th piazza Vittorio, Torino)

On 24th of May, right after 11 years from the release of our first record, we will meet on a stage right in front of that corner of piazza Vittorio where everything started. Our arcades, our streetlamps, our places.. this is what we will see while in your eyes there will be the technological and scenographic magics of vortical LEDs. And in front of all  that, embraced by the smells coming from the river, we will inevitably live our history again. It will be an important show, one of the most important ones of our lives. And if on 24 May on the Piave border the last episode of the Italian Risorgimento took place, along the Po river, where the Murazzi are, we will give our contribution to the first phase of what some of Piedmontese visionaries have labelled as “the war of independence from petrol”. In fact, the gig will be part of the project "uniamo le energie" (let’s join the energies), a two-day meeting on the topic “New sources and energy savings”. Piedmont wants to become the first Italian ecological engine, boosting in its territory the development of solar energy so to first reach the level 20, meaning 20% reduction of energetic consumptions, 20% less CO2 emission and a 20% plus of renewable energy. These are issues that get us fired up. We think that this is another good reason to light with energy on a Saturday night,  the most important square in our hearts in our memory. We’ll see you there. 

Translated by Lori Barozzino


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